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What plant heroes are hiding in your backyard?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022


Plants have power but if you don't know who they are you aren't able to benefit from them. What kinds of heroes are hiding in your backyard and what can you do to harness their power?

For millions of years people, animals, and plants have lived together, growing and changing over time. We have all learned to adapt to our environments with a variety of characteristics and defenses.

Plants are incredibly complex and have a variety of defenses and characteristics that help them procreate, survive environmental challenges and protect themselves against threats like being eaten. The complexity of plants can be seen in the chemical makeup of each plant. The DNA of plants is far more complex than even our own DNA. They have the ability to make their own pesticides, communicate with other plants over large distances, and redirect resources based on weather conditions through complex chemical processes.

People have witnessed these powers and their effect on animals that seek them out for healing and began using them to heal each other. Plants are incredibly powerful and we can benefit directly and indirectly from them when we know what powers they posses.

How can we absorb the powers of plant allies?

We can eat them, drink them and cover ourselves with them!


Plants can be used in a