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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Who are we? ..and what is a Peach Stone anyway?!

A peach is known as a stone fruit. The stone is the hard shell in the center of the peach that protects the seed, which contains everything needed to create life; to grow another peach tree and more delicious peaches!

Just like the stone within the peach, we too can become covered with a hard protective shell. The world is challenging, life can be stressful, and we need to protect ourselves from it sometimes. However, this protective shell can also limit our ability to grow, causing us discomfort as we struggle within a space that is too small for us.

At Peach Stone Spa, we want to create a safe place for you to begin breaking away the shell. We offer you ways to combat the challenges that life throws at you so you can remain flexible. We want to help you remove restrictions in your body and mind so you can grow and produce the life you are striving for!

Life can be an uphill battle some days. Let Peach Stone Spa be a place you find

rest and rejuvenation.

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