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New Year, New Moon

How can you harness the power of the new moon in 2022?

We all know that the moon has the power to move the tides. But what can we do to harness this power to move us forward in 2022?

Each month we are blessed with a new and full moon. I like to use these signs in the sky as a time to check in on my progress as I reach towards the desires of my heart. Knowing the desires of my heart helps propels me towards my higher purpose. Taking the time each month to see what's working and what's no longer serving me keeps me on track and in line with my values.

How can you use the moon to help you achieve the desires of your heart?

You can harness the moon's power of renewal and release! At the new moon, like what's happening on January 2, 2022 in the northern hemisphere, you can set your intention and tell the universe your desires you wish to achieve. At the full moon, you can release what no longer serves you on your path.

Whats the new moon got to do with it?

The new moon is a time of renewal and new beginnings. The sky is dark and the moon cannot be seen. In this time of darkness we look inward to our hearts and ask them what it is we need. Looking at our hearts desires gives us a chance to align our current actions with our long term goals. Under the power of the new moon we can create new action steps to propel us toward our desires which lead us to our higher purpose.

How do I harness the power of the new moon?

I like to journal each new moon to keep track of my desires and clarify my intentions. We are always changing and it's good to make sure our daily actions and mindsets are still in line with what we currently feel and want. Taking the time to clarify and write out what it is you want allows the Universe or your Higher Power the opportunity to create with you the life you desire.

If you can't clearly say what it is you want how can you expect to get there?

By taking the time each month to check in with my heart and realign my actions I am able to achieve my desires and live the life of my dreams. I am always amazed when I check in at the full moon at what all I have accomplished since the new moon. These regular check in's are empowered with the rhythm of nature, falling in line with the cycle of the moon.

I encourage you to try harnessing the power of the moon with my New Moon Ritual for New Year. This journaling ritual is yours free for the month of January 2022!

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