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Moon Powered

Why am I looking at the moon so much?

Over the past few years I have been researching the phases of the moon. This celestial body is a constant in our skies just like the sun but it has a different energy to it.

It waxes and wanes its way through or skies as it pulls on the tides. This gravitational pull can have an effect on our minds and bodies. By paying attention to the moons phases and your moods you can harness this power and put it to good use in your life.

How can you harness the moon's power?

You can harness the new moon's power of renewal and reflection.

At the new moon, like what's happening on January 21, 2023 in the northern hemisphere, you can set your intention and tell the universe the goals you wish to achieve. Write them down under the new mood or get together with a friend to share them. The new moon is a time of reflection as we work our magic in the dark.

During the time of the new moon the sky is dark and the moon cannot be seen. In this time of darkness I encourage you to look inward and ask your heart what it is needing.

Looking at our hearts desires gives us a chance to align our current actions with our long term goals. Under the power of the new moon we can create new action steps to propel us toward our desires which lead us towards our higher purpose.

How can you bring the power of the new moon into your life?

Each new moon I like to take out my journal, where I keep track of my goals, to clarify my goals and see whats changed. Our lives are always changing and so will our goals and needs. Thats why it's good to make sure our daily actions and mindsets are still in line with what we currently want to bring into your life. Taking the time to clarify and write out what it is you want allows the Universe or your Higher Power the opportunity to create with you the life you desire.

Being able to clearly define what it is you want and need each month will give you focus and help you achieve more of your goals by the next moon.

When you take time to check in with your heart and realign your daily actions you will be amazed at the results you achieve. I know I am always amazed when I check in at the full moon with what all I have accomplished since the new moon. These regular check in's are empowering and keep me in touch with the rhythm of nature.

Want to try it yourself?!

I encourage you to try harnessing the power of the moon with my New Moon Ritual for New Year. This journaling ritual is yours free for the month of January 2023!

Would you like even more guidance harnessing the power of the moon or journaling? Check out Self Care Coaching for one on one guidance with me, Meagan Stone on ways to improve your health and wellness with easy to use tools like journaling and natural remedies from plants


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