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Herbal solutions for modern challenges

Applying Essential Oil

Aura Cacia pure, all natural essential oils since 1983

Aura Cacia has been sustainably sourcing high quality essential oils for over 30 years. Their oils have been lab tested for authenticity and potency. They practice environmentally and socially responsible harvesting and production, empowering people in the communities where herbs are grown.

Organic Beauty Products

Handmade Spa products customized for your health and wellness needs

 Wildcrafted and organic ingredients are combined with Aura Cacia essential oils to create your personalized massage experience. Find herbal support with professionally selected essential and herb infused skin care products. Our collection includes handmade herbal infused oils, soaking salts, salves, and teas.

Organic herbal products wildcrafted from

North Georgia

Our flowers and herbs are wildcrafted from the Chickamauga and Chattanooga area when possible. We use locally sourced beeswax from Lafayette, GA in our handmade salves as well as organic herbs and high quality carrier oils in our herbal infused skincare products. We custom blend for your specific needs. 

Natural Herbs
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