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Massage Treatments
  • Personalized hour treatment to reduce your stress and find balance.
    100 US dollars
  • Escape your day with half an hour to yourself.
    50 US dollars
  • Find deep relaxation during this 90 minute customized massage.
    150 US dollars
  • 90 minute massage to feel the healing power of Basalt or Limestone.
    150 US dollars
  • Rejuvenate your feet with this focused one hour treatment.
    100 US dollars
  • Rejuvenate your feet with this focused half hour treatment.
    50 US dollars
  • A new treament to boost your immune system and get things moving!
    150 US dollars
Neck Massage

Massage & Body Work

Improve circulation and reduce stress with therapeutic massage.

Combat the stress of modern life with therapeutic massage and traditional therapies. Specialties include deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, and cupping therapy.

All services include a consultation to customize your experience as well as your full treatment time on the table.

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